About Us

Welcome to the  Appalachian Pipeliners Association.

The organization was established to promote and support the pipeline industry in the northeastern United States and provide members with opportunities to support the industry, as well.

We appreciate your interest and hope that you will be an active participant in helping to advance our industry, as well as provide financial support to students who are seeking to join us in transporting safe, reliable energy to the market.


I am honored to be president of the Appalachian Pipeliners Association and look forward to working with APA as we advance and grow our membership. My goal as President of this organization is to bring my experience and knowledge to the Board of Directors and membership base of APA. We have already set goals as a group and plan to have the most successful year yet. We hope to educate our industry further and bring in more money for scholarships than ever before. With this powerful and eager group of directors I have no doubt our goals will be met. 

Even during these trying times as an industry and a society, APA looks to continue to press forward and be as visual as possible. We are unaware of what lies ahead for us in this trying world, but what we do have control over is APA playing a vital role in the Appalachian region and adding value to the energy chain and pipeline industry. APA will continue to push forward by educating our members on the most current topics as it relates to the pipeline and energy industry, professional development, community iniatives and scholarships. All of these things combined will construct the pipeline of knowledge and talent into our industry. We look forward to fully engaging our members as we all can surely benefit from the networking and camaraderie during these times. 

I look forward to being president of this organization this year and working with the board of directors. We are currently planning some great events this year and will continue to put members first! Keep an eye out for our event email invitations and communications on our website. We hope that you find our events and scholarship awards to be interesting, educating, and inspiring! 

We want to thank each one of you that has supported us with sponsoring our events, attending and being a member. Your support is imperative to our mission and we couldn't complete it without all of you! 

President of Appalachian Pipeliners Association
Tara Meek
Williams, State Government and Regulatory Affairs