Volunteering with APA

The APA is currently accepting nominations for several Board positions. Please use the contact form below to nominate someone who you feel would be a good fit (must be an active APA member). Also, we're always looking for volunteers who are passionate about our industry. Reach out if you would like to learn more and become involved. 


Nominations open

Open positions

1. Vice President- Executive Board Position. 1 year term. Transition into president role for 5board  

2. Communications Director- 2 Year Term.  Handles all external communications via our website, email, etc. Manage website and works with social media to communicate

3. Scholarship Director-  2 Year Term  Facilitate our scholarship program and lead our scholarship committee.  Plan and execute our yearly scholarship award dinner

4. Membership Director-  2 Year Term.  Handles all membership related items and responsible for growing and maintaining the membership of the APA. 

5. Fishing Tournament Chair-  2 Year Term Plan and execute our 2024 Fishing Tournament.  Reports to Director of Events. 

6. Speaker Dinner Chair-  2 Year Term.  Plan and execute 4 speaker dinner dinners. 

7. Marketing Chair - 2 Year Term. Reports to Communications Director.  Handles all APA marketing and relations to other organizations/co- events.

Oct 20

Nominations close

Oct 21-Nov 1

Candidate evaluation

Nov 1-23

Candidate selection and member vote

Dec 14

Transition meetings

Jan 1

Official transition

Nominations Form

Nominations are open for our 2024 Appalachian Pipeliners Association Board of Directors and Chairs.  Please nominate yourself or a colleague.  

The Appalachian Pipeliners Association (APA) Board of Directors is seeking active, engaged members to join the team.  Joining the APA board of directors will broaden your professional network, enhance leadership skills, and provide an opportunity to contribute to the APA and our industry in an important way.  Nominations are open for available 2024 APA Board positions listed below.  Please reach out to the current board with any questions regarding eligibility requirements, responsibilities, and terms. 

Certain Qualities can be predictors of a success as a board member, if you possess the following qualifications, we encourage you to get involved: 

  • Strong leadership abilities, good judgement, and excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work on a team
  • Respectful and considerate of the viewpoints of others
  • Able to devote the time necessary to fulfill participation and travel requirements
  • Attend 75% of monthly calls and attend 1 of 2 in person meetings per year.
  • Have your company/supervisor's support to perform the role of a Board Member.

* required